Merrix Ltd

Coffie Table Manufacturing


The Merrix Coffee Table is a product designed by Christopher at Merrix Ltd. We helped create this for him from a prototype we had been shown. Drawn using our cad software then produced using our CNC routers, laser cutters and spray painting services creating this wonderful product.


Customer Feedback

“I was under time constraints and pressure to produce a product fit for sale. Although Booths had not manufactured a product like this previously they were able to adapt. I was impressed by their knowledge and expertise, and they managed to get my product to market. It felt like a true collaboration and they got fully behind me and my product. I had tried two suppliers previously who let me down badly before being recommended Booths Manufacturing. I had been overcharged, lied to and overall had become skeptical and hesitant. I am so thankful that someone told me about Booths. I could not recommend them more highly. I now have a product that is better than I had imagined and one very happy customer that will be returning. Chris Merrick, Managing Director, Merrix Ltd”