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Rod at Arcade Mania contacted us to start manufacturing and supplying his own custom designed BarTop arcade machine cabinets. Rod already had the BarTop arcade machines on the market but needed a new supplier to continue manufacturing them.
We was sent a BarTop arcade machine cabinet already been previously made to copy the shape of the custom design. This was then copied and drawn using our cad software, we worked with Rod and the team at Arcade Mania and improve the design for an easier build process and overall quality of the BarTop arcade machine cabinets. The BarTop arcade machine cabinets are now manufactured using our CNC routers.

We also went onto designing and manufacturing a new BarTop arcade machine stand for Arcade Mania to put to market. This was custom designed using the shapes from the BarTop arcade machine to match, then drawn using our cad software. The BarTop arcade machine stands are now manufactured using our CNC routers.

Now an ongoing contract with Arcade Mania providing the cut out cabinets of the BarTop and stands for Arcade Mania to add graphics and electronics . Pictures shown below of the finished products. They look awesome, finished to high standards and look great fun to play with 🙂


We are currently working with Rod’s and the Arcade Mania team on other product lines (existing and new) and look forward to these been completed.


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Customer Feedback

Excellent Business Ethics Excellent Products.

We have been using Booths Manufactures for Approx. 1 Year, They undertake all of our CNC work for our Arcade Cabs.
The quality and workmanship is second to none, Our orders always arrive on time.
Craig is the one who designs all our products with us and his imagination skills in to what we want and is at a very high level.
All the guys at Booths are very friendly and always aim to accommodate our needs were ever possible.
Currently we have had 3 designs created and supplied to us on a regular basis, & currently we are going through a process of 2 more designs.
We as a company cannot wait for our 2 new designs as we are very excited indeed, it is always a pleasure dealing with the guys from Booths.

Big Thumbs up from the
Arcade Mania Team