Made to Measure / Bespoke MDF Decorative Screening – Grille – Panels Measuring Guide

Please enter your Dimensions

Maximum Board Measurement: Width 1200mm x Height 900mm

Material Thickness: 3mm (Depth Measurement)

Please enter your required board width and height above. (Maximum Board Measurement: Width 1200mm x Height 900mm) The default pattern orientation is landscape (see orientation pictures). Patterns that has one direction will have the option on the next page to change the orientation of the pattern to portrait (see orientation pictures). All patterns include inset borders all around from the board width and height.


Patterns Available:







Note… Sizes are measured horizontally or vertically across / between the patterns.


Primed MDF (Base Coat) – These are supplied in white primed MDF (base coat), the product you receive will have been sprayed with a white primer ready to be lightly sanded before finished/painted as required by yourself.

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