Classic Style Radiator Covers

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Choose from set sizes or made to measure / bespoke… options in our classic style radiator covers range.

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Classic Style Radiator Covers

Our classic style radiator covers has a selection of size options to choose from. Choose from the extra small to extra large range options, each having a selection of set sizes to choose from within. Or select made to measure / bespoke options for fully customisable sizes. All size options have a variety of 6 grille patterns to choose from which are: horizontal slats, vertical slats, orslow, diamond, fleur de lee, heart. 3 stages of finishes: Plain MDF (Raw Material), Primed MDF (Base Coat), Finished MDF (Satin White) and 2 upgrade options: oak veneer lid and scalloped lid. Also options for skirting board cut outs and control valve cut outs if required.

Made to order and are crafted in our UK workshop based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Made from quality 18mm medite moisture resistant (MR) MDF, 6mm/3mm premium medite MDF.

Milled/cut using a professional CNC router and laser cutter. Making this an excellent quality and sturdy cover. We use 18mm medite moisture resistant (MR) MDF for the front frame, lid and legs. (Green tint can be seen on any unpainted material). 6mm premium medite MDF for the horizontal and vertical grille options and 3mm premium medite MDF for the orslow, diamond, fleur de lee, heart grille options. The primed MDF and finished MDF options are professionally sprayed using quality MDF sealer, white primer and a white satin finish.

These classic style radiator covers / cabinets can be made for you to conceal any unsightly items.

The radiator cover/cabinets are shipped flat pack in all sizes and all finishes. Easily built together using concealed screw construction. Included are the internal fasteners and assembly guide with all models.